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Teach Timeless Skills to Kids with Craftsman Crates

The Need to Build an Anti-Fragile Home Economy

We have felt very convicted in the last year after reading and listening to the likes of C.R. Wiley, Michael Foster, Brian Suavé, Eric Conn, and more concerning the need to build an anti-fragile home economy. We are called to leave a legacy as Christian parents: a legacy of faith first and foremost, but the Bible also discusses the need to leave a legacy on which our children can build upon.

The Industrial Revolution changed the face of history in many ways, one being a shift in how men work. Then enter the World Wars and you see a shift in women entering the workforce. This is for a larger conversation, but these events in history caused a shift from  it being commonplace for the family to own and work a business together to pass onto the next generation, to parents leaving the home to work individual jobs to the benefit of a different individual. When an individual owns his own company that he can pass onto the next generation, it is expected that the next generation will build upon the previous work and grow that business to be more lucrative. If an individual owns no business, works for someone else, collects a paycheck, grows his retirement savings, and retires at the age of sixty years old, what is to be expected but that this savings is often squandered by the end of this man's life either due to life's expenses, entertainment, or ill health.

We need to consider historical models for productive family households and reclaim some of what has been lost. Our children will benefit from learning lost arts that will equip them for life in adulthood. The first step in this process is introducing and piquing your child's interest in these lost arts. Enter Craftsman Crate.

Craftsman Crate Kit Opening

Teach the Crafts and Skills of an Artisan

There are many lost arts from embroidery to woodworking to making your own butter and bread. I started my own Charlotte Mason homeschool co-op in our town in order to make the inclusion of handicrafts in our homeschool a top priority. We are learning the art of sewing our own clothes, fermenting our own foods, and more in this co-op.

When I discovered that Hal and Melanie Young (legends in their own right in the homeschool world) had created this subscription box called Craftsman Crates, I was very intrigued. 

We all know about the subscription boxes for STEM toys from popular companies, but this subscription is different because it isn't just meant to give your child something to create once and move on. Craftsman Crate will inspire a desire to create in your child. It is teaching them both the history and basics of ancient skills that can be put to practical use in your child's life now. What may spark a hobby, will also foster a love of working with one's hands, encourage fine motor skills, and develop an eye for precision.

The Block Printing Crate

Our family received the Block Printing Crate from Craftsman Crates. It had everything we needed to get started, and all of my seven children wanted to get in on the project. The website says that the subscription boxes are meant for ages twelve and up, but we had children as young as eight working on this particular project with success.

The Block Printing Crate arrived very attractively packed with goodies that were exciting to open. The instructions that were provided were thorough and easy to follow. Our nine year old was able to figure the drawing and carving out quickly. She helped the eight year old along who had a little more difficulty with understanding the need for thicker lines to carve around so that the end result would look as intended. It was still fun for her and she was able to make it work.

I'm not sure about you, but I had never heard of block printing before. It is basically carving your own stamp. The crate came with designs to carve, but you are also encouraged to be creative and design your own. Some of my children wanted to stick to the given images and others wanted to create their own designs. We did end up purchasing some extra carving blocks due to so many children wanting to participate and to have a few spares for the learning process. This was a huge benefit and very inexpensive, so if you have a lot of children I would recommend doing this.

We Recommend Craftsman Crates

If you are looking for a fun gift idea or project subscription for your children, we highly recommend Craftsman Crate. This is great for boys and girls alike! It will introduce your child to skills that will inspire creativity and maybe even a new hobby.

You have the option to purchase a monthly subscription to receive a different Craftsman Crate each month, or you can choose your crate via their website. They have so many options to browse through!

  • Wood Burning
  • Shibori Dyeing
  • Candlemaking
  • Plasterwork
  • Faux Stained Glass
  • Broom Making
  • Gold Leaf
  • Metal Relief
  • Wire Sculpture
  • Tole Painting
  • Scrimshaw
  • and MORE!

There are so many interesting crates to choose from with Craftsman Crates! Browse their full line up here.

Check Out Our Block Printing Art Project with Craftsman Crate:

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