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· Book and Product Reviews

Bible Investigators: Creation Book Review

Bible Lessons Your Kids Will Love Bible Investigators: Creation is a robust resource for children ages 8-12 years old. In it your child will take off on an investigative adventure through the biblical account of Creation. Author Danika Cooley has done it again, producing a creative tool encouraging children to explore God’s Word through problem-solving.…

Lindsey Stomberg

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· Family Life

Re-establishing the Father's Role as Family Shepherd

For generations, men have been abdicating their role as family shepherd. This role of leadership is not one that men can pick up or put down, it just is. Therefore, fathers are either leading their families in their presence or in their absence, in their attention to or in their neglect of their duties.Many men…

Caleb Stomberg

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· Book and Product Reviews

Who What Why Series on the Abolition of Slavery Book Review

What is the Who What Why Series? The Who What Why Series is a growing set of Christian biographies for elementary-aged kids written by Danika Cooley, owner of Thinking Kids Press. This endeavor began with a series on the Protestant Reformers, Who was Martin Luther?, What was the Gutenberg Bible?, and Why Did the Reformation…

Lindsey Stomberg

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