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Who What Why Series on the Abolition of Slavery Book Review

What is the Who What Why Series? The Who What Why Series is a growing set of Christian biographies for elementary-aged kids written by Danika Cooley, owner of Thinking Kids Press. This endeavor began with a series on the Protestant Reformers, Who was Martin Luther?, What was the Gutenberg Bible?, and Why Did the Reformation…

Lindsey Stomberg

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· Family Life

Viewing Fertility through a Biblical Lens

Fertility is rarely talked about in modern evangelical Christian circles unless it is to address the political topic of abortion. Fertility for Christians is considered to be a private topic best navigated by personal conscience and preferences rather than the authority of God’s Word. I believe this lack of teaching has been to our detriment…

Lindsey Stomberg

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· Family Life

8 Tips for Teaching Children How to Worship at Church with the Family

8 Tips for Teaching Children How to Worship at Church with the FamilyWhy We Ditched the Church NurseryI think we attempted to put our first child in the church nursery about 3.2 times before we decided we were just going to keep her in church with us and teach her to sit still. She cried…

Lindsey Stomberg

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· Family Life

The Confidence of the Child in Adoption

As we established in the second article of this series, the incredible choice of love in adoption gives birth to the amazing confidence of the child in adoption.I don’t pretend to understand all that a child goes through when they are adopted. There must be a massive and complex system of emotions swirling as they…

Caleb Stomberg

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