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Passport to the Reformation: A Journey Through Time


The Passport to the Reformation: An Adventure Through Time was originally created for our church to use during our Reformation Day Event when we engaged the community, shared a bit of church history, and clearly shared the Gospel through a presentation on The Five Solas. Children get their own copy of the passport to take along their trip through the Dark Ages. There is a booth that corresponds with each page. Every page has an important character or event to learn about and a spot for a stamp to go when the child has completed that leg of his journey. To learn more about these Reformation Day Events and how you can host one at your home or church click here.

Format: PDF file
Page Count: 4 pages

**This product is downloadable. It will not be shipped. There are instructions included for printing and usage.


Host Your Own Reformation Day Event!

We celebrate Reformation Day on October 31st every year instead of Halloween. When we planted our church we traded our regular Reformation Day traditions at home, for a community outreach event in order to share the Gospel on a day when evil is often the focus. We named our event The Passport to the Reformation. It is held in our church parking lot which is in a prime location to catch families trick-or-treating since it is in the middle of a neighborhood.

As each family or individual child arrives, they receive a passport to begin their journey at the first table. We set up booths, or stations, where children must go in order to complete their travels and collect all the stamps for their passport, as well as the prizes available. It is an endless flow of new faces throughout the night so we just repeat our parts over and over again for each new family or group of kids that arrives. In all, a family can be in and out of the event within 20 minutes, so it is the perfect length to pop in and out of when they have other destinations they want to enjoy while trick-or-treating. To see the unique way we put this event together, click here for more information.

The Passport to the Reformation

The Passport to the Reformation covers these people and topics:

  • Johann Tetzel
  • Martin Luther
  • The Diet of Worms
  • The Invention of the Printing Press
  • The Five Solas
  • Why Do We Celebrate Reformation Day?



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