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Christian Worldview Family Field Guide


Everyone has a worldview whether they realize it or not, and more than likely their worldview is not consistent with itself. As Christians, we are called to have a thoroughly biblical worldview. This Family Field Guide is a work-in-progress as we march through a series on both the blog and the podcast teaching families how to build a Christian worldview based solidly on the one standard for all life and truth, God’s Word. Download your copy of this Family Field Guide for FREE to use with your family or your church. It is a discipleship resource to help you think more broadly and intentionally about your own worldview, and to help your children as they grow and learn more about how this impacts their own lives.

>> This resource will be regularly updated as we expand it based on the content released on both the Reformed Faith and Family blog and podcast. Please subscribe to our mailing list in order to receive these updated copies for free via email. 

Format: PDF
Page Count: 25

**This product is downloadable. It will not be shipped. There are instructions included for printing and usage.


Dear Parent,

This Christian Worldview Family Field Guide was made with you in mind. At Reformed Faith and Family our aim is to equip parents to intentionally pass on their faith to the next generation, to leave a legacy of disciples who will purpose to expand the Kingdom of Christ on this earth.

You cannot extend your faith to the next generation, if you do not understand what you believe or know how to verbalize it in order to teach it to others. This resource is meant to help you facilitate conversations with your own family around the table or during family worship, concerning the need for a thoroughly biblical worldview – what it is and how to obtain it.

This PDF is just a portion of a multi-part series found on our website and heard on our podcast. You can find the rest of this series at on Cultivating A Kingdom Mindset: Building A Thoroughly Christian Worldview. As we are dripping this series to our readers/ listeners, we want to provide you with the tools necessary to expound on this topic with your family. At the end of this series, this will be a completed, singular resource, but for now we are giving it to you in parts as we are personally compiling it for our local church and then passing it along to you.

We hope this guide is a blessing to you. Please keep up with the series found on the Reformed Faith and Family blog as well as our podcast found on any major podcast listening platform. Also subscribe to our mailing list, so that you may download each new component to this guide as they are released for this series on building a thoroughly Christian worldview.

We will release each new family field guide component corresponding with the release of a new article + podcast pertaining to this worldview series. If you are a subscriber, the new release will land in your inbox for free. We appreciate your patience with us as we know this is a bit unorthodox to not have the full resource out from the beginning; however, it is free and so we pray even if it is unorthodox, the blessings will outweigh the inconvenience. Thank you for your interest and support of our work.


Caleb and Lindsey Stomberg

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