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Reformed Theology

Our mission at Reformed Faith and Family is to equip families with the Gospel of Christ so that they can faithfully disciple their children. Understanding who God is and how His Word affects every area of the Christian's life is paramount. Theology matters. Theology is just a fancy word for the study of God. What we think about God and how our thoughts align with what He has revealed about Himself in Scripture matters. It matters for our life and our legacy. Don't want to miss our newest content? Be sure to subscribe to the Reformed Faith and Family newsletter.

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

Theology Is Not Neutral

Many, if not most people, have an almost instinctual aversion to the word theology. Whatever vague impression the word gives off is enough to convince them the study is not for them. One need only see the size of most theology books or hear the kind of obscure terms that theologians love to use, to…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

We Are Called To Live As Citizens of Christ's Kingdom

This article on being good citizens of the Kingdom of Christ is Part II of an ongoing series on building a thoroughly Christian Worldview. To read the previous article, Cultivating a Kingdom Mindset, click here. Worldview Is Defined By Citizenship A person’s worldview is largely defined by his collective presuppositions. A person’s presuppositions are influenced…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

Cultivating a Kingdom Mindset: A Christian Worldview Series

A New Series You may notice by the title of this article that our present concern is over something called a Christian worldview. I don’t doubt that the adults reading this understand what a worldview is, even if you have never really stopped to put a distinct definition to the concept. To make sure we…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

Christmas and the Dragon

I would guess that when most of us tell the story of the Incarnation it doesn’t include a dragon, but that is exactly what Revelation 12:1-6 tells us: And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

A Call to Sabbath Rest

The Fourth Commandment Have you ever considered that many Christians today are ready to keep all of the Ten Commandments with the exception of the fourth command? Frankly, that is something that should alarm us. The idea that most professing Christians do not even concern themselves with the question of whether or not the fourth…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

The Case for Historic Confessions in the Modern Church

A confession is the set of beliefs that unifies a religious body. A confession allows for real church unity around understood and agreed upon common belief and practice. In an age where people cannot even agree on the meaning of simple words, confessions help us to speak the same language – to see things from…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

The God Of The Covenants

Paradigm Shift Growing up in a faithful Christian home, I never knew the complete worldview realignment that follows accepting God’s revealed Word when one had previously believed in naturalism or another false religion. I was taught to believe that the Bible was the Word of God, and that Jesus was the Son of God sent…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

The Five Solas: Understanding the Reformation

The Protestant Reformation In my experience, most evangelicals don’t have a very good understanding of the Protestant Reformation, its history, its theology, or its lasting effect. I don’t say that to disparage anyone, but to acknowledge that most Protestant denominations don’t emphasize their history, their connection with other Protestant denominations, or their differences with Catholicism.…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

Calvinism: The Gateway to Reformed Theology

From Evangelly to Calvinism  For many of us who grew up in evangelical Christian churches in America, if we had ever even heard of Calvin or Calvinism, it was associated with something dangerous or scandalous. The only time I remember hearing of Calvinism before I was in high school, was in regard to a dangerous…

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