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Family Worship

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

Cultivating a Kingdom Mindset: A Christian Worldview Series

A New Series You may notice by the title of this article that our present concern is over something called a Christian worldview. I don’t doubt that the adults reading this understand what a worldview is, even if you have never really stopped to put a distinct definition to the concept. To make sure we…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

Re-establishing the Father's Role as Family Shepherd

For generations, men have been abdicating their role as family shepherd. This role of leadership is not one that men can pick up or put down, it just is. Therefore, fathers are either leading their families in their presence or in their absence, in their attention to or in their neglect of their duties.Many men…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

How to Create a Truly Christian Home

        What Makes A Christian Home What makes a home, a Christian home? We could ask the same question about a great many things that we label Christian: What makes music, Christian music? What makes literature, Christian literature? What makes a movie, a Christian movie? What makes an organization, a Christian organization?…

Posted on by Lindsey Stomberg

The Case for Family Integrated Worship

Naming the Problem Have you ever considered that family integrated worship in church was the norm for centuries? It has only been in the last hundred years or so that this has changed. A couple of questions naturally come to mind. Was this change necessary? Have the outcomes been good? I believe the results speak…

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