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Reformed Faith and Family is dedicated to equipping families as they raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. What kind of topics can you expect us to address?

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Posted on by Lindsey Stomberg

5 Questions To Ask Before Leaving A Church

          There are many reasons one may have for leaving a church in search of another. Some are valid and others not so much. Committing to a local church body is a biblical mandate and therefore cannot be taken lightly. If you are considering leaving a church body locally to which…

Posted on by Lindsey Stomberg

The Case for Family Integrated Worship

Naming the Problem Have you ever considered that family integrated worship in church was the norm for centuries? It has only been in the last hundred years or so that this has changed. A couple of questions naturally come to mind. Was this change necessary? Have the outcomes been good? I believe the results speak…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

The Confidence of the Child in Adoption

As we established in the second article of this series, the incredible choice of love in adoption gives birth to the amazing confidence of the child in adoption.I don’t pretend to understand all that a child goes through when they are adopted. There must be a massive and complex system of emotions swirling as they…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

The Choice of Love in Adoption

In the first part of our series, The Longing for Redemption in Adoption, we began a discussion concerning the redemptive nature of adoption. Adoption is inherently redemptive in nature, both in our earthly families and in our spiritual family. We must understand the need before we can fully appreciate the gift that is the choice…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

The Longing for Redemption in Adoption

For whatever reason, adoption is a subject that gets far too little attention in the Christian church. Perhaps we neglect this topic because of the awkward and sometimes painful conversations we have had with someone struggling with childlessness; perhaps we haven’t ever given it much thought, or don’t know how to be properly sensitive to…

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