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Reformed Faith and Family is dedicated to equipping families as they raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. What kind of topics can you expect us to address?

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Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

Re-establishing the Father's Role as Family Shepherd

For generations, men have been abdicating their role as family shepherd. This role of leadership is not one that men can pick up or put down, it just is. Therefore, fathers are either leading their families in their presence or in their absence, in their attention to or in their neglect of their duties.Many men…

Posted on by Lindsey Stomberg

How to Organize a Reformation Day Event at Home or Church

Reformation Day is coming! Below, I would like to break down how our church hosts a Reformation Day event successfully while inviting the community to learn Church History and hear the Gospel preached. We would love for other churches to benefit from this information and reach their communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! First…

Posted on by Lindsey Stomberg

The 4 Things Halloween Teaches Our Children

Traditions There are many Christians who celebrate Halloween. I am not writing this as a judgment. However, I am writing this to provide food for thought, before your children run out of the house on that night all dressed up so cute (or scary) to collect candy. Many times we practice traditions in our households…

Posted on by Lindsey Stomberg

3 Things to Consider Before Dating or Courtship Begins

We have been married for nearly two decades. I often think back to our dating years and the first years of our marriage and think how different things would have been had we known what we know now. When two are made one, God sanctifies the two individuals within the marriage relationship as he knits…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

Marriage Is a Living Parable of the Gospel

        It would be hard to overstate the importance of marriage. There is nothing more fundamental to human society than biblical marriage. As goes our understanding and respect for marriage, so will go the family, and so will go communities, nations, and human culture as a whole. There is arguably no greater…

Posted on by Lindsey Stomberg

Viewing Fertility through a Biblical Lens

Fertility is rarely talked about in modern evangelical Christian circles unless it is to address the political topic of abortion. Fertility for Christians is considered to be a private topic best navigated by personal conscience and preferences rather than the authority of God’s Word. I believe this lack of teaching has been to our detriment…

Posted on by Lindsey Stomberg

Know Your Role: God's Good Design for Women

A Strange New World We live in a very strange moment in history where women have a voice like they have never had before. Where the vast majority of women are basking in the glory of this pendulum swing, Christian women ought to be very cautious and discerning, looking to God’s Word for guidance. God…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

How to Create a Truly Christian Home

        What Makes A Christian Home What makes a home, a Christian home? We could ask the same question about a great many things that we label Christian: What makes music, Christian music? What makes literature, Christian literature? What makes a movie, a Christian movie? What makes an organization, a Christian organization?…

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