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Christian Worldview

Everyone has a worldview whether they realize it or not, and more than likely their worldview is not consistent with itself. As Christians, we are called to have a thoroughly biblical worldview. This series walks Christians through basic lessons to help them build a strong foundation both for the individual and the family.

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

Celebration of Life or Culture of Death?

A Christian Legacy This is part five of a series of conversations centering around building a thoroughly Christian worldview. The following discussion is going to center around biology – the study of life. Currently we seem to be living in a culture of death. It is important for Christians to arm themselves and their families…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

God is the Author of All History

History Must Be Important to the Christian God’s Word teaches us that remembering is important. Repeatedly, God instructed His people to construct monuments, to write songs, or to establish rituals and traditions, to help them remember. These piqued the curiosity of each new generation causing them to ask questions so they too could learn, and…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

Theology Is Not Neutral

Many, if not most people, have an almost instinctual aversion to the word theology. Whatever vague impression the word gives off is enough to convince them the study is not for them. One need only see the size of most theology books or hear the kind of obscure terms that theologians love to use, to…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

We Are Called To Live As Citizens of Christ's Kingdom

This article on being good citizens of the Kingdom of Christ is Part II of an ongoing series on building a thoroughly Christian Worldview. To read the previous article, Cultivating a Kingdom Mindset, click here. Worldview Is Defined By Citizenship A person’s worldview is largely defined by his collective presuppositions. A person’s presuppositions are influenced…

Posted on by Caleb Stomberg

Cultivating a Kingdom Mindset: A Christian Worldview Series

A New Series You may notice by the title of this article that our present concern is over something called a Christian worldview. I don’t doubt that the adults reading this understand what a worldview is, even if you have never really stopped to put a distinct definition to the concept. To make sure we…

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